Design my book cover: Not Part III of Getting My Book Out


Book pic for blog

Those who say you can’t judge a book by its cover are wrong. The experts know that the cover is just as important as what’s inside (unfortunately). This is a mini-post to let my legions of readers know that I’ve enlisted 99designs to design my book cover. This means that graphic designers from all over have a chance to compete for the design (and get paid for having the winning design). If you are a graphic designer, or know one, you can submit your design ideas to:

Designers submit their concepts, I pick finalists and develop the ideas. Within just a week, I should have a book cover. I’m really excited about that. I’ve done a little research and I have an idea of what I like. I’ve also learned that, oddly enough, books with green covers don’t sell well. Or at least that’s what the authors of failed books with green covers say.

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Coming later this week: The Real Part III: Your Main Character Is A Stupid Arrogant Ass.

Coming next week: A preview of my book cover.


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