Honey I Fixed It, But I Have No Idea What This Piece Is



I just finished the last major edit of The Grandfather Clock. It’s a HUGE relief to be done with that. So huge, I don’t even know how to talk about it. In fact, I’ve revised this blog-post at least 5 times.

My ice maker is making about 10 hollow ice cubes a day, again. I was very proud of myself when I fixed this problem a year ago, for $27. But I don’t want to fix it again! My dad still uses the very first microwave he ever bought. I’ve had probably 8 in twenty years and his is in its fourth decade. Hell, I have one in my kitchen, another in a storage unit and a broken one in my garage.

What does my ice maker have in common with my book? Nothing, because eventually my book will be done, and I will still be trying to fix my ice maker. The microwave will die, but in twenty years my kids will be able to read this book. And the next book, which I’ve started (and already want to revise.)

Hopefully, I’ll be publishing within just a few weeks, barring a disastrous review with my editor. Meanwhile, stay tuned because this blog will start to take its future shape. “What is that?” you didn’t ask…

There’s a place on the left side of this page to sign up for email updates. It will only email when I post an update! Reach me at jkilewrites@gmail.com. Oh and quick thanks to Nick Thacker from www.livehacked.com and Simon Whistler from The Rocking Self Publishing Podcast for suggesting I widen the content area of the blog. Apparently, on larger screens, the whole thing was leaning to the left. It should do that less now. I’m flattered that they checked out the blog.


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