Free book from my friend Austin Netzley


Austin's Book

Earlier this year I met up with a former colleague at a Sonny’s BBQ in Haines City, Florida. I knew Austin Netzley when he was a mere whiz-kid for an oil company. He needed a challenge, so he started building income streams on the side. He retired at the age of 82… no, wait… 28. Needless to say, I was suspicious when I was invited to dinner, an hour and a half from home, to hear how this came about. My Amway radar up. I was wrong.

It turns out that Austin was just too smart for the rat race. Success in the corporate world meant someone else telling him where he would live, what the year’s goals were and what the reward would be. He has since started a popular blog and podcast at At that dinner I told him he should write a book. Perhaps I was the 50th person tell him that, but nonetheless, I’m taking credit for the idea. You are welcome, Austin.

It’s out and it’s free for the next 2 days. Step 1 in being smart about money is getting his book while it is still free.


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