Pre-order for The Grandfather Clock


I’ve got a confession to make, I never pre-order books. I’m never sitting there thinking, “Man, I want to buy a book NOW but not be able to read it yet.” It’s not like a concert ticket and I want a good seat. They aren’t going to sell out. So how am I going to make a compelling case for you to pre-order my book? This blog is about selling too, right? Here goes:

You are reading this blog. So you have some level of interest in what I have to say. (Or you are lost.) But next Tuesday, two days before Thanksgiving, you aren’t going to remember to check my blog, so you’ll forget to buy it. Then you’ll be travelling to your in-laws house and you’ll forget to order it when it’s released. Nothing to read on the plane. THEN, by the time you remember to buy it, your whole family will be busy trying to guess the Wifi password Uncle Bill set up four years ago when Granny insisted she needed what she calls “WeeFee.” Trust me, you’re going to want my book on your reading device when the house is finally quiet and you want something good, but not too heavy. Something that will keep you awake after a pile of turkey and too much red wine.

So do it. Click the link. It’s $2.99. Less than a fancy cup of coffee. Order it now. Next Tuesday it’ll show up on your Kindle app on your phone, android, iPad, or whatever device was invented but I don’t know about. Hard copies go on sale on the 25th. I’ll sign it for you, but since it’s coming directly from Amazon, you’ll have to track me down to do it. Click it…

CLICK HERE TO ORDER (or click the picture, it’s the internet)

FWhitehouse design (2)

If you don’t order now you better sign up for updates on the left, so you get reminded next Tuesday when the book is available.

Next week is also my birthday. A great gift idea is THIS BOOK. (They say you should always ask for the sale three times.) Have questions, email me at


-Jonathan Kile


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