The part that isn’t in my book…


thank you elvis

With just a few days before my book is released, I want to put out a list of thanks to the many people who helped or encouraged me during the writing of this book. I’ll abbreviate names, for those who are in hiding.

First, my wife Monica. She’s is stunningly beautiful, successful and smart (we met in grad school, she finished, I didn’t – she once told me her PSAT score). In short, she’s way more qualified to write books. Without everything she does every single day, I wouldn’t have made it past the first chapter. (My friend Cathy said more people would visit my blog is there were pictures of Monica on it.)

Shelly Wilson, my editor. I’ve written a little bit about Shelly on this blog. Before she took the assignment, she edited about 30 pages. Ouch. I hired her immediately. It was a brutal process, but the book is SOOO much better. The funny thing is that I actually look forward to having her edit the next book. I’m going to plant some weird stuff just to mess with her.

The people who read the first draft: Elizabeth, Dan, and Ed’s cousin. Wow. There were a LOT of problems with that draft. Dan was in Afghanistan, so I suspect he enjoyed it because he was spending 4 months away from family. Elizabeth, she offered some very very helpful commentary. The more margaritas she drank, the more honest she became. Ed’s cousin asked if she could read the sequel. That was pretty nice to hear. Or Ed doesn’t have a cousin and he lied to me.

My brother and my dad. My brother went to the trouble of saving our family’s grandfather clock, which lead to the events which inspired me to write the book (although pretty much nothing in the book actually happened). And he’s been the best for all of my 41 years – sorry to get all sappy on you. Dad – he just read the book today. This is probably not what he might normally read, but he reads a lot, so who knows? My dad handed me a book about 24 years ago – a memoir by Louis L’Amour called Education of a Wandering Man. That book is on my shelf right now and is why I read and write.

My kids. They can’t read, but when they can I’m going to make them read this book and all of my others. And I’m going to talk about them at dinner until they roll their eyes the moment I open my mouth.

Everyone already buying the book and reading the blog: To pre-order a book from a first time author is just awesome. Read it, review it on Amazon, tell your friends. There’s no book tour in indy-publishing, no one is doing marketing for me. I’ll invest in the marketing when I’ve got 2 or 3 titles to plug and a larger audience. Until then, this is personal. If you like it, track me down and I’ll buy you a coffee or a beer. Drop me a comment or an email. Sign up for updates. Have your book club read it. Tell me what they said. Have me come to your book club. Have me cook them dinner. I make great tacos. If you’re like me, I don’t read something unless a trusted source tells me to. (If you don’t think you’re a trusted source, keep your mouth shut.)

Thanks for checking in. As always, sign up on the left for updates (not more than 1 or 2 per week, usually.) Drop me an email at Oh, I almost forgot, buy the book HERE ON AMAZON. Print copies will also be available for order in the coming days.

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