Print Edition of The Grandfather Clock Now Available


I got a funny email last night. An old friend sent me a note to ask if I would sign a copy of my book as a Christmas gift to her mother. We’ll call her mother Judy, because that’s her name. It’s the least I can do for Judy. Back when I was a 19 year old freshman, Judy would come to town to visit and feed half of the 9th floor of Kellum Hall. I was always lucky to get invited to the complimentary happy-hour at the Cabot Lodge where I’m fairly certain I ordered “fuzzy navels” without blushing. So I’m sending a signed copy for Judy.

What’s that? How do you get a “hold in your hand” copy of The Grandfather Clock? It’s now available HERE on Amazon for $9.99. Actually, Amazon changed the price to $9.49, not sure why. I think it’s because they can. Free shipping if you have Amazon Prime. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you should. And yes, I’m avoiding all the press and documentaries telling me that Amazon is evil. Fine. So is Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Go off the grid, live in the woods, kill your food and don’t watch Orange Is The New Black.

FWhitehouse design (2)  Order NOW!

From the back cover:

Transporting a family heirloom across the country seemed like an easy task for disillusioned Michael Chance. But before he can cross the Mississippi, the secrets of his family’s grandfather clock and a mysterious French woman put him on an uncertain path. The life Michael knew is about to be left behind as he searches for answers amid a dangerous conspiracy that will lead him from the museums of Paris to Nazi havens in Argentina.

Thanks for the emails and pre-orders. Don’t forget to leave a review because that helps the book get recommended to other readers. Unless you leave a bad review, in which case, why take the time, right? Just complain directly to me at


JK not Rowling


3 thoughts on “Print Edition of The Grandfather Clock Now Available

  1. Dan the bartender

    Uh! AmazonPrime is a scam. I thought everyone knew that. If you are an Amazon Prime member look for an item and write down the price. Then have a friend, who is smart and is not an Amazon Prime member look up the same item. They will get a much lower price. Now subtract their price from yours and BAM! The result is more than the price of shipping. Prime sucks.

    • Tell that to my kids who get free streaming movies on Amazon Prime and the free music I stream on my phone. No Christmas present for you. Amazon has an algorithm that read your comment and will now lose all of your packages.

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