2015 Well Oiled Writer Preview


Happy (belated) New Year from Well Oiled Writer. It’s a fine Sunday night and I’m attempting to get back in gear. The holidays throw everything out of whack. The kids aren’t in school, there are parties to attend, shopping to do and there are trees popping up in every room. By December 20th, I woke up and it was like someone had moved everything in the night.

Wait… they did move everything.

See, we moved. It was only a few miles, but a long search for the right house in the only neighborhood we wanted to live in, finally sprouted on the MLS and things fell into place. On top of moving, we’ve not a new marketing head at work, I’m handling a roster of new accounts, and several new projects. It’s a big year for me everywhere, including at Well Oiled Writer.

The 2015 Well Oiled Writer Preview

First and foremost in 2015 is my plan to write and publish not one, but two followups to The Grandfather ClockIt Isn’t going to be easy, but the second book is coming along well. Yes, I was awake at 2 AM last night over-analyzing a new character, but it was a productive hour that put me back to sleep.

Second, I’ve got a couple of writer friends who want to start a local self publishing group. There no reason everyone needs to figure this stuff out on their own. Now, these friends are loose cannons who are non-traditional journalists by day. I call them “non-traditional” because they work for a tiny, but influential weekly news magazine and I’ve concocted an alternate reality in which they control the City of (redacted.)


Third, marketing. When my second book comes out this summer, I plan to have a real marketing plan. Here’s the marketing plan I put together for The Grandfather Clock:

1. Blog

2. Facebook


There was a reason for this. A group of writers (at Sterling and Stone) who know what they are talking about said that the return on investment in marketing of one book of fiction is usually low. Right now, I’m investing in the writing.

Speaking of the writing. I’m grateful for every person who has read my book and taken the time to tell me that they enjoyed it. It motivates me to writer more, and write better (that sentence not included.)

This is why I need to complain about a movie my wife and I watched last night. We don’t get much time to watch movies (unless you count Pixar.) We finally got around to watching Silver Linings Playbook. I hate to say this, but we couldn’t get through it. Forty-five minutes in, I really needed something to happen. I’m pretty sure the problem wasn’t writing, and to find out, I’m going to read the novel. Once I’ve finished, I’ll update you on whether the movie ruined a good novel. I’m mentioning this because as a writer I’ve got two major forces at work… the STORY and the STORY TELLING. I not delusional, and I don’t think my first novel is some masterpiece. I do think it holds up very well with commercial fiction, but I know (very intimately) the book’s strengths and its flaws.

I promise I’ll tie this up before you quit this blog like I quit Silver Linings Playbook. I published my book on Amazon and they have a thing where Kindle Unlimited subscribers get my book for free. I get paid if they read 10% of the book (which is a generously low threshold.) Every few days I see these Kindle Unlimited readers pop on my statistics. I’ve got a dozen free books on my Kindle that I haven’t opened, much less hit 10%, so it’s great to see readers giving me a shot. The reviews of my book have been so encouraging, but this I know, the next book will be better than the first because I’m getting better at this.

Stay tuned. Sign up to get blog updates on the left. You can email me at jkilewrites@gmail.com. And of course, you can buy my book HERE.


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