I’m baaaaack. Something “EPIC” is coming…


Have you missed me?

I know, I know. Weeks and then months of radio silence on the Well Oiled Writer Blog. I’m back with an update, and things are going to heat up even more, soon. In less than two weeks I will be “re-launching” The Grandfather Clock in coordination with a former colleague who has made a little industry of launching independent books. He’s sent more than a dozen books to the top of the Amazon charts, and I’m lucky to have known him before he became a guru in the indy-world. He’s a young guy who likes to use the word “Epic” a lot. More on this at the end of the post….

Which brings me to the topic of today’s post. “Self Publishing,” “Independent Publishing;” call it what you want. There is some startling new data out, regarding the success of self vs. traditionally published authors. Here’s the link if you want to read it first hand (it’s lengthy) http://authorearnings.com/report/the-report/  At the risk of over simplifying, I will summarize: Indy authors of the trade-paperback “genre” fiction market are:

  • Getting better reviews than traditionally published authors
  • Selling more books than traditionally published authors
  • Making more money per book than traditionally published authors
  • Releasing more books per year than traditionally published authors

These statistics are not reserved for the Hugh Howeys and 50 Shades outliers. These are compiled from thousands of books, from the very famous to very obscure. And it makes sense if you think about it. Both worlds have their successes and their failures, but the pay structures are totally different. I’ve known a few traditionally published authors who had an agent, a manuscript, signed with a big publishing house, did a book tour, and didn’t sell out of their first small printing. There’s no shame in that. They made a little money and survive to write another day. It’s just like a self-publisher who puts out a book and has meager sales.

But the dirty little secret is this: Yes, the big publishers have some very famous and very wealthy authors in their stables. But the average writers are doing better on their own. Furthermore, the very famous and very wealthy self-published authors are doing better than their JK Rowling, John Grisham counterparts. The publishers are making more per book than their own writers.

Amazon takes some heat for being a big bad gorilla in the market, able to crush anything in its path, but it has also completely democratized getting published. If the books are good AND you put together a decent marketing strategy, you don’t need to rely on a publisher to be successful… and the data says you’ll be more successful without one. 

I had not planned to devote much (any) energy to marketing my books until I had 2-3 out. But an opportunity has come and I’m going to be promoting The Grandfather Clock strategically so that when my next book comes out, it can pick up the momentum. So I’m telling you now: Don’t buy my book… until March 18th (unless the date changes). Then buy it (it will be drastically discounted for a day or two), and please review it and share it with your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Poppydoodle friends (I made the last one up, but it will exist by next week). When the dust has settled on the relaunch, I’ll report back with an honest detailing of the experience. Stay tuned. Look for another post mid-week.

The Grandfather Clock is now on Facebook. Check it out. It’ll see more activity soon.

One more thing. This week is the first ever SunLit Festival in St. Petersburg. Literary events all week. I’ve been asked to write and read something for Wednesday’s (March 11) Literary Pub Crawl. I will be reading something I haven’t written yet, so it ought to be interesting. For more go here:

March 7 - 14. Poetry hikes, pub crawls, book fair, Kerouac night an more.

March 7 – 14. Poetry hikes, pub crawls, book fair, Kerouac night and more.

Email me at jkilewrites@gmail.com, sign up for updates on the left. Call your parents.


4 thoughts on “I’m baaaaack. Something “EPIC” is coming…

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