Well Oiled Writer is lost in the wilderness


My wife’s email once got hack by someone who sent out a message explaining that she’d been in an accident in London and needed help paying a hospital bill. The hacker was lucky, in that many people believed that my wife is the type of person who might find herself in a predicament in London (she loves to travel). Unfortunately for the hacker, my wife’s cousin was on an extended stay in London and people started telling my wife/the hacker to call her cousin, who she was close with, and he’d be there to help within an hour. This was not a good solution to my wife/the hacker who acted like an amnesiac who didn’t know who they were talking about. At one point I was even swapping emails with the hacker, offering a donkey and an can of fish because I had no money.

All this is to explain that I went on vacation and was literally in the wilderness while I was not writing or blogging, and figuratively my 2nd novel is in the wilderness. I know where it’s going, but I’m in this difficult middle section where I’ve thrown up my hands and started reading my book from the beginning, just to get a sense of the pace and story to see what needs to happen. See, unlike other “sequels,” this book is going to be better than the first. I’m a little obsessed.

Yes, my daughter looks like she's about to put a knife in  my back. I'm about 3 times zones and 3 days from my last shower.

Yes, my daughter looks like she’s about to put a knife in my back. I’m about 3 times zones and 3 days from my last shower.

Speaking of the first book. A literary organization in the Tampa area called “Wordier Than Thou” has selected my book for their monthly book club called, um… Critical Drinking. In honor of this selection, I’ve dropped the price of my book to 99 cents for a few days (gotta save money for the booze). The club will meet at the Gulfport Historical Society on July 1 at 7pm. If you’re in the St. Pete / Tampa area and you’ve never been to Gulfport, please check out this fishing village that refuses to grow up. I used to take a morning run past the waterfront bar, that opened at 8am for the early birds. There’s a fair amount of drinking in my book so… Get the book HERE. (If it’s not 99 cents yet, it takes a few hours for the price to update… or you missed it altogether.) I look forward to the raw brutality of having a bunch of tipsy book lovers critique my book while I’m in the room.

Speaking of critiques, I got a couple of new review on Amazon the other day. One was a nice 5 star review. The other was an amusing negative 3 star review that was titled “Definitely Fiction.” And I must admit that they were right, it is fiction. And also, “Easy to pick up and put down,” which I appreciate. I do not want my book to cause physical stress. But seriously, I love that a complete stranger read my book and chose to share their feelings, even if they are ambivalent and surprised that the fiction book they purchased was indeed fiction. If I have some luck, perhaps I can get a 3 star rating like one of Stephen King’s The Shining that says, “The movie was better.”

Thanks for reading. If you’re a movie producer, email me at jkilewrites@gmail.com.


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