And The Most Successful Writer on My Block Is… Not me.


I ran into our neighbor who just moved in across the street. He’s a few years younger than me, just got married. Since he has no kids, his fills his extra time with softball leagues, ultimate frisbee, lunching on tacos… and his day job is merely fixing airplanes. My kids are enamored with him (and his garage full of set props from various productions he’s taken on.)

As we were chatting he commented that he hoped it wouldn’t rain the next weekend. I asked why, assuming it would be aviation related. He replied, “Oh, I’m going to have a table at the Tampa Bay Times Festival of Reading.” What for? I ask, assuming he’s written some dry technical book on fixing Cessnas. He went on to tell me that he has self-published not one, but two young adult Time Travel Adventure novels. Small world. I told him about my books and over the course of several conversations I learned that he’s done really well with these two books. He isn’t signing a movie deal yet, but with two books out, he’s way ahead of me when it comes to running effective promotions and building a readership.

I’ve been to the Times Festival of Reading and I’ve seen the lonely self published authors sitting by a sad stack of books. Not Nathan Van Coops. The guy was slammed, talking to readers, and selling books at a great looking booth. Believe me, I’m going to steal every idea he has and bring them a good bottle of wine at Christmas.

So, check out the most successful writer on my street: Nathan Van Coops on his BLOG, or FACEBOOK, and his books on AMAZON. The first one In Times Like These is FREE.

In Times Like These - Nathan Van Coops

In Times Like These – Nathan Van Coops

I really liked this quote from his blog:

Here’s the honest truth. Novels aren’t written by people with lots of free time on their hands and a fantasy lifestyle that lets them be creative in just the right environment. Novels get written by people who are busier than you but who have made less excuses for themselves. Writers write. Want to be one? Get to it.

I look forward our growing success fomenting a rivalry in which “my son” leaves flaming bags of poo on his porch and we leave each other 1 star reviews.

I know I was away for a while between blog posts. Halloween is serious business in our neighborhood. November is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and my goal is to finish the draft of The Napoleon Bloom (here’s a secret… I have to admit it’s not going to get released by Thanksgiving.) Back at it…