Rumors of my blog’s demise are greatly exaggerated


I know, I know. It’s been a month.. more?.. a long time since I posted something. In the midst of trying to finish the manuscript to my second novel, The Napoleon Bloom, life threw a few curve balls. Much of my next book is set in Paris, and I actually wrote and never published two posts about the events in Paris (opting to spare the universe of one more in-expert opinion.) The good news is that I’m very excited about how the book is finishing. I just wish I could get it done.

The reason I wanted to get this post up is that I stumbled upon a new show on The History Channel that pertains directly to a “twist” in my novel The Grandfather Clock. When I was researching that novel, I read a book called The Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler, by Simon Dunstan and Gerrard Williams. In very detailed manner, the authors present the case that Hitler escaped the Fuhrerbunker and lived more than a decade in seclusion in Patagonia. I don’t endorse or refute this theory. Hitler’s body was never found, and lacking total proof in any direction, I don’t have a stake in either opinion. But it provided a cool motivation for the villains in my book. In cooperation with the authors, The History Channel is running a documentary series about Hitler’s supposed escape. It’s called Hunting Hitler and it airs at 9 p.m. every Tuesday night, or you can view episodes online (like I do if I can’t sleep.) After four episodes, the show makes no conclusions.


Upstart cable station, The History Channel, is riding the waves of my book.

It’s exciting to see this get some mainstream attention because now, when I’m talking to people about my book, their eyes don’t roll into the back of their head when I start sounding like a foil-hat conspiracy nut. The show is good. I wish it were great. They feature investigators in Europe and South America as they follow the cold trail. The investigators tend act a little over-dramatically when they find clues and the editing is really heavy on “recap” after every commercial – but I might feel this way because I’m already really well acquainted with their research.

I can’t wait to talk about the real-life twist that comes up in my next book. But no spoilers on that right now. Thanks for checking back in. I promise more activity here and updates on the upcoming release. There’s something poetic about a Spring 2016 release of … The Napoleon Bloom. 

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-Jonathan Kile



2 thoughts on “Rumors of my blog’s demise are greatly exaggerated

  1. Oscar Diaz

    I like this show as much as I like history. Nonetheles, the only fact here is that Hitler’s dead body was never found, as the DNA test result corroborated it. But, other than that, this show only presents beatiful locations in Europe and SouthAmerica as hundreds Nazi used these ratlines to flee hanging, lots of useless talking and speculation, but very poor evidence of Hitler in American soil, after 3 seasons it should be something more solid so. Probably nobody will watch 4s if further evidence is not found..

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