Bad Bestsellers and Making Sausage


Sometime in the next two months, I’ll hand the manuscript for my next novel to my editor. She knows this and I’m noticing that while she is always a really fun person to be around, she’s being extremely nice to me lately. She bought me lunch the other day. We never even talked about my book. It’s like she knows that in mere weeks she’s going to be heaping harsh words on a year’s worth of my work, with relentless fervor and even a bit of glee.

So I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself. I want readers to universally declare the sequel to be better than the first book. I woke up at 3am last night, unable to sleep, so I got up and edited for an hour. I’m giving up reading the newspaper (a morning ritual I never skip,) until I’ve got this book in the hands of Beta Readers. I need feedback soon. I’ve read several great books lately and I want my work to measure up. It’s intimidating. Fortunately, right now I’m reading a memoir (a bestseller selected by a book club) and it’s absolutely terrible. It’s well written and I understand to a certain extent its appeal to some (I guess.) I won’t name it, out of professional courtesy for the highly successful author (because I haven’t finished it and maybe he’ll acknowledge the depraved criminal behavior of those that raised him), but he’s not funny, his story is sick and sad and not entertaining. I’m more than 1/2 way through and I might just quit out of respect for whatever good book I could be reading. Bad books on the bestseller list tell us that a career in writing is not just about writing good books, but finding a story with an audience.

Speaking of audience, this Well Oiled Writer, is about to get a few more eyes. The Tampa Bay Area’s local weekly entertainment magazine Creative Loafing has asked me to do an online blog/column on Indie Publishing. Similar to this, but different, I’ll be giving readers an inside look at the sausage making process of bringing a draft to print, and hopefully developing a place for indie writers to commiserate. When it goes live, I’ll provide links here, so you don’t need to go looking for it. By no means am I the authority on any of this stuff, so my goal will be to keep readers entertained with my successes and failures.

Sausage Making

This is not a metaphor for my book. This is my actual manuscript. My printer uses Inkjet Veal and Chorizo. Photo Credit: GluehweinEffects via Compfight cc

Also coming soon… book cover design! Because you can judge a book by its cover.

By day Jonathan Kile is a peddler of petroleum products, navigating a Glengarry Glen Ross landscape of cutthroat sales. By night he assumes the identity of novelist and child-wrangler. Jonathan’s first published novel “The Grandfather Clock” is available on He is writing his second and third novels, blogging at and cursing his editor.



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