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If you’re wondering where all my wit and wisdom has gone, my energy has been siphoned over to my bi-weekly column on Creative Loafing, the Tampa area’s preeminent entertainment magazine. My intention has been to post here weekly, but my intention was also to publish 2 books in 2015, paint the upstairs of my house, and re-stain my deck.

In the next few weeks the sequel to The Grandfather Clocktitled The Napoleon Bloom, will leave the hands of beta readers. I will sit with each of them over beverages and take in their very critical reviews. Then it will go to my editor, we’ll call her Shelly because that’s her name and we only protect the innocent on this blog. To give you an idea of what happens when Shelly gets her hands on my manuscript, look only to the changes in The Grandfather Clock. 

In its first draft my main character, Michael Chance, made a lot of mistakes and said stupid things. When this happened, Shelly would tactfully write something like, “IDIOT,” or “MORON,” in the margin in order to subtly point out when Michael behaved questionably. Sometimes she would expound upon these comments with words that would make Michael openly weep. The end result was a (somewhat) smarter, more likable, more sympathetic protagonist people would pull for. The book also got shorter (when I thought it would get longer).

I encourage you to read my other blog, The Self Publishing Notebook, and take advantage of my book’s 99 CENT Kindle price. Don’t have a Kindle. Yes, you do. Kindle is available for every platform of phone, laptop and tablet (even Blackberry.) It’s not available on Nook, because Nook was murdered by Amazon, as I’m sure I predicted.

My next post hits next Tuesday and I’m considering setting my critical sights on a bigger fish than my page’s editor, and taking (kind and respectful) umbrage with a bestselling author.

Thanks!  – JK


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Crawl before you walk… Pub Crawl, that is


A quick update… my last two blog posts for Creative Loafing are HERE and HERE. I talk about the arranged marriage that self publishers must enter into with and the latest data that suggests… nay, proves… that self publishing is a better investment of your time and resources than sending query letters and waiting for someone to ask you to prom. Find out why Hugh Howey says, “Self-publishing is simply a more viable path to earning a living and reaching readers than sending query letters to agents, and it isn’t even close.”

Also, for my St. Pete area readers, tomorrow I’ll be joining my infamous neighbor, Nathan Van Coops for part of the SunLit Festival Pub Crawl. We’ll be reading a fictitious (?) piece about the increasingly tense rivalry between two self published authors living across the street from each other. Nathan recently hit #1 on the Sci Fi charts on Amazon UK with his second book, The ChronothonThen he hit #1 in Australia for good measure. I’ll be inviting Nate to share his wisdom here, but only when I’m ready to promote my new book along with said wisdom. Come see us at Bodega on Central at 7:00 on Wednesday, March 9. We will either be funny enough to make you laugh, or so unfunny, you’ll laugh harder.


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My beta readers are still reading my first draft, so I don’t have any feedback yet. When I do, I promise to post a play-by-play of the emotional stages that follow these discussions. It’ll be fun.

Thanks for reading!

By day I am a peddler of petroleum products, navigating a Glengarry Glen Ross landscape of cutthroat sales. By night I assume the identity of novelist and child-wrangler. My first published novel The Grandfather Clock is available on I am currently writing my second and third novels, blogging here and at Creative Loafing and cursing my editor.