What You’ve Missed Over At My Other Blog


Just because you don’t see it here, doesn’t mean I’ve gone away. For the past few months, while America is clearly getting greater and greater, I’ve been blogging over at Creative Loafing and feverishly editing my next book, The Napoleon Bloom. So here’s the update:

The Blog

Over on the Creative Loafing Tampa blog I’ve offered indispensable advice that you really can’t live without. (That’s what indispensable means, so it must be the case.) In the world of writing and self publishing, I talked about the thrills and agony of online reviews, 6 reasons why you should read eBooks despite the fact that we all KNOW that nothing replaces the “feeling of holding a book in your hand,” and I saved you thousands of dollars by not letting your book fall into the hands of a Nigerian Prince.

But I’m not just here to address all of your pressing publishing issues. I shared the lessons I’ve learned from years of giving dubious gifts in my Useless Primer on Gift Giving (in which my wife recreated the time I gave her a transparent green body suit masquerading as pajamas. What she call the Jolly Green Giant Pajamas, I call sexy.) And finally, I put the clickbait world on notice for all the stupid “hacks” crowding my news feed.

IMG_0623 2

Are they pajamas or is she starring in the next CGI blockbuster?

It has also been rumored that my writing for Creative Loafing is up for an award from the Association for Alternative Newsmedia, and I’m also nominated for best blogger by CL Tampa’s Best of the Bay. I was surprised by this, and also that some consider “newsmedia” to be one word. My daughter will have to give up her bedroom to make space for my trophies. Sorry, Sweat Peas.

The Book

Oh, man. The book was flying along when my evil editor started suggesting some well thought out changes. Before I knew it was rewriting the entire middle third of the book. 20,000 words went in the trash can in the name of improved story telling. The nerve. So now when people ask me when my next book is coming out, I say, “By the end of the year.” I just don’t specify which year.

While you’re waiting patiently for my next column and next novel, feel free to check out my first novel, The Grandfather Clock, which is FREE for your Kindle or Kindle App. After all, 164 Amazon reviewers can’t be wrong. Got questions or comments, email me at jkilewrites@gmail.com.

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